Promote: Women in the Economy

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Women Meet Harassment with Technology

Publish Date: 29 June 2017   Category: Success Stories

Street harassment is one of the biggest barriers to young women participating in the economic and social life of Afghanistan. In many cities, including Kabul, harassment is commonplace. Code Women Challenge, the first contest of its kind in the country, was Read More

Internship builds confidence for a young jobseeker

Publish Date: 29 June 2017   Category: Success Stories

Anusheh Behzadi, a high school graduate from Herat, completed a two year English language course in hopes of finding a well-paying job. Even with her academic background, she did not have any success. “I was unable to find a good job because I did not know where to start. My knowledge of Engli Read More

Lian has grown her business and provides work for two women which wouldn't have been possible without a loan referral

Publish Date: 29 June 2017   Category: Success Stories

Running a women-owned business in male dominant industry presents its own set of challenges. Women entrepreneurs and employers face significantly greater challenges than men in gaining access to financial services. Provisions of collateral against loan, conservative societal perception, limited a Read More

Twenty one young women secure new professional opportunities in the south

Publish Date: 29 June 2017   Category: Success Stories

The Taliban controlled the province of Kandahar from 1994 to 2002 banning young women from going to work and denying girls and young women access to education. Since the fall of the Taliban, girls and young women have returned to school resulting in 200,000 recent and emerging high school gradua Read More

Business Owner Expands Her Company with Access to Finance

Publish Date: 29 June 2017   Category: News

Fadilah*, like many girls from under-educated families across Afghanistan, dropped out of school in the 7th grade. This challenge didn’t stop Fadilah from trying to improve her economic situation, so she started a home-based tailoring business in Mazar-i-Sharif.  But as skilled as Fadila Read More

Women in the Workplace a “Win-Win for Business

Publish Date: 29 June 2017   Category: News

Rising Sun Consulting and Business Service (RSCBS) is a private company that provides taxation, internal audit, and financial services. RSCBS learned about the Promote: Women in Economy (WIE) internship program and contacted WIE’s regional office in Mazar-i-Sharif. “We got to know about W Read More