Internship builds confidence for a young jobseeker

Publish Date: 29 June 2017

Anusheh Behzadi, a high school graduate from Herat, completed a two year English language course in hopes of finding a well-paying job. Even with her academic background, she did not have any success. “I was unable to find a good job because I did not know where to start. My knowledge of English did not help me much either and I did not know where to begin”, says Anusheh.

Four months ago, Anusheh registered in the Women in the Economy internship and apprenticeship program. Today, she works as an intern in a local health clinic gaining valuable hands on experience that will help her land a full time job. Working in the medical sector has also provided Anusheh with networking opportunities with different medical professionals that she did not know before.

“I always wanted to work but I lacked self-confidence. I did not know how the workplace environment would be and if it would be women-friendly. But then, my friend told me about WIE and how they help young women like us find suitable jobs and I applied without any hesitation,” explains Anusheh. “For the past four months, I have been working as a receptionist and a facilitator in the Khorshid Health Clinic. My job requires me to deal with patients, doctors and nurses. This has boosted my confidence and my attitude towards interacting with people.”

 “Now I am more involved with my community. When I go home in the evening, I feel very satisfied with myself not only because I have a job, but because I am also contributing to my community,” says Anusheh. “I want to stay in this clinic and continue working for them.”

Her internship serves as a building block for her professional career. Anusheh has finally found something she is passionate about and now has begun her journey to landing the full time job she has been dreaming about since high school graduation.

WIE supports educated women between the ages of 18 and 30 in finding new or better jobs through career counseling, workplace skills development, and technical skills training based on market demand.

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