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WIE Grantees

WIE provides grants to local companies, NGOs, or organizations that offer specialized services that will directly benefit women -owned businesses or WIE program beneficiaries.  Interested potential grantees may submit a detailed concept note to the WIE program which will undergo a detailed assessment and vetting process to determine eligibility for a grant.

Afghanistan Microfinance Association (AMA)

AMA Access to Finance Matchmaking Roundtables: The aim of these matchmaking events is to help WIE target businesses learn about different micro and small business loan products that are available in the market, and to develop relationships with microfinance institutions (MFIs) that supply these loan products. Simultaneously, the MFIs learn about the SME market and their needs. AMA works with WIE to organize series of matchmaking events that brings together SME business and MFIs and facilitates discussion and networking and then follows up and assists companies in registering their interest and applying for a loan. AMA and the PSD team continue to mentorthe company throughout the loan disbursement process. For more information visit – insert information hyper link here

AMA Micro Finance Institutions Training Program:  An important step toward improving access to finance for women-owned businesses and self-employed women is increasing the number of women in mid and senior level positions in banking and microfinance, including commercial lending. The MFI Training Program equips women with the technical and managerial skills needed to secure jobs in banking and microfinance by increasing enrollment of women in training programs the MFIs already give to new employees. Increasing the number of women in the finance sector, particularly in decision-making and lending roles, will make it easier for women to obtain financial services. For more information visit hyperlink here.

Aghaez Professional Services

Startup Valley Business Incubation Center: Encouraging entrepreneurship and start-up businesses is an important means of delivering results in three core goals of private sector development: generating jobs and wealth, boosting productivity and creating market competition, and bringing innovative products and services to the market. Given the potential contributions of SMEs to the economy, support to entrepreneurs is a key component of WIE’s public sector development strategy.  Aghaez  is supporting 15 women-owned or those employing at least ten percent women startups through their business incubation center in Kabul. For more information visit

 Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services of Afghanistan (PARSA)

When seeking employment Afghan women face many obstacles that can be discouraging and can result in failure as an employee  Family disapproval, limited opportunities, workplace harassment, and low self-confidence are some of the barriers Afghan women experience as they attempt to take their place as a wage earner.  WIE together with grantee PARSA are working to establish a community based support structure for women who are training and entering the workforce for the first time. This program develops "support groups" for women that provide a place for women and their families to talk about the challenges they encounter as they seek or secure employment.  Along with the "support groups" facilitators also conduct one to one peer counseling sessions for individuals who need more support.

Afghan Bano Consulting Services

This project supports 150 eligible young women from Mazar-i-Sharif to obtain their International Computer Driving License (ICDL). The ICDL is the world’s leading computer skills certification that provides required skills and competencies necessary to use a computer and common applications.

Code To Inspire

This project uses an innovative curriculum that focuses on job creation for women in the online sphere, and is teaching 100 females in Herat coding, software development, and web designing. Upon completion, the graduates will be empowered through their learning of code, and will be in a strong position to find online and web design work.

Zanan e Afghan Moraa Private Institute of higher Education (Moraa) 

This grantee is providing 60 female nurses from Mazar-i-Sharif with advanced nursing skills training and instruction over ten weeks, after which the nurses will take an exam. Those who pass will begin a three-month clinical internship. The program furhter works to enhance the overall quality of health services in the Afghanistan.

Afghan Women Rights & Supporting Organization (AWRSO)

Grantee AWRSO is providing two months Admin and Finance training for 150 beneficiaries in Herat. This training includes half day practical experience within companies, and will build the beneficiaries skill set so that they will be more attractive job candidates for private sector businesses. AWRSO will place the recipients into jobs following completion of the training.