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WIE Grantees

WIE provides grants to local companies, NGOs, or organizations that offer specialized services that will directly benefit women -owned businesses or WIE program beneficiaries.  Interested potential grantees may submit a detailed concept note to the WIE program which will undergo a detailed assessment and vetting process to determine eligibility for a grant.


Zanan e Afghan Moraa Private Institute of higher Education (Moraa) 

This grantee is providing 60 female nurses from Mazar-i-Sharif with advanced nursing skills training and instruction over ten weeks, after which the nurses will take an exam. Those who pass will begin a three-month clinical internship. The program furhter works to enhance the overall quality of health services in the Afghanistan.

Founder Institute (FI)

This grant provides startup business incubation support to startup concepts. Held for 14 weeks, a semester focuses on all aspects of building a company, including: developing the vision and idea, customer acquisition, building a revenue model, branding and marketing, legal support, product development, sales, and funding. By the end of the program, 20 startups from two different semesters will launch their new companies.

Afghanistan Institute of Banking and Finance (AIBF)

The Women in Commercial Banking runs for a period of 13 months. The purpose of this activity is to increase the number of women in commercial banks first in Kabul and then the other four regions of WIE operations. One hundred and fifty female beneficiaries will study over a six month period after which they will be placed in commercial banks for a three-month internship.

Roya Film House

This grant provides nine months - worth of training in Kabul for 120 young women in media related skills that include video editing, videography, graphic design, and photography (photojournalism)

Maltya Certified Tax Accountant Training

The grantee offers certified tax accountant training for 100 women in Kabul in two groups of 50 individuals each. At the end of the course, participants will take the Ministry of Finance (MoF) Tax Certification Examination in order to be qualified as tax accountants.

Kawun Institute of Higher Education

This grant delivers pharmacy assistance training for 60 women in Mazar-i-Sharif to further equip them with advanced skills helping them to uplift their employment and career. Beneficiaries of the training program will be required to pass an internationally recognized certification course which will allow them to qualify for a new or better job. The grantee provides job matching and placement services targeting 75 percent of the program participants to receive a new or better job.

Global Innovation Consultancy Services (GLICS)

The grant entitled “Training of Nursing, Radiology, and Health Care Center” has two main specific objectives: 1) To operationalize the Wyagal Radiology Center (WRC) in Kabul, through recruitment of female staff and provision of training courses for at least 95 female radiology doctors and technicians, clinical nurses, and administrative staff over nine months; and 2) To provide needed imaging services to those seeking radiology services.

Reconstruction & Social Service for Afghanistan Organization (RSSAO)

This grant entitled “Teacher Training Participatory Teaching Methodology” provides teacher training in Herat, Kandahar and Kabul, and will introduce participatory teaching methodologies designed to better engage students.  180 beneficiaries will undergo the four-month training course in the three cities, after which they will be placed in jobs within primary private schools.