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Workforce Development (WFD)

Workforce Development (WFD)

The WfD Component focuses on providing female job seekers and women already in the workforce with the knowledge, skills, networks, and support facilities to enable them to join the formal workforce or advance into mid to senior level positions. Under this component, WIE focuses on increasing access to employment information, increasing work experience, and improving skills in areas of market demand.

Internship and Apprenticeship Program:

The Internship and Apprenticeship (IA) Program is currently operating nine of the more economically robust provinces of the country. An internship gives beneficiaries an opportunity to put skills learned in school to practical application, and to gain work experience. An apprenticeship is a system of training new workers in a specific trade or profession through on-the-job training. WIE realizes there are challenges and insecurities that a young woman faces when she first enters the workforce. Before being placed in an internship, all program beneficiaries undergo a 20-hour Job Readiness Training which teaches young women valuable skills such as CV writing, interview skills, work ethics, personal finance, and how to combat harassment and other challenges that might be faced in the workplace. All host companies are vetted and approved by WIE before any interns are places to work within them. To apply to the WIE IA program.

Forward Together Scholarships

Forward Together Scholarships are designed to help Afghan women and girls who have a basic education gain specific technical skills needed by employers, with the goal of obtaining a job. WIE’s Workforce Development team developed a list of eligible programs of study to guide applicants toward acquiring more marketable skills, and engaged with a current total of 54 local training institutes around the country to provide certified courses to obtain necessary and marketable work skills. Examples of such programs are short to medium term training courses in ICT, healthcare, accounting and finance, media, education, customer service, and administrative skills.

Career and Employment Services

WIE’s job placement service is implemented by a network of 24 Job Placement Officers/Managers operating in nine provinces. Job Placement Officers have access to WIEs Knowledge Management Portal (KMP) on which almost 60,000 female potential job seekers are registered; the KMP offers a job matching function that matches CVs with job descriptions enabling WIE staff to match job seekers with available openings.

To fast rack the job placement service, WIE partnered with SearchPath, one of the top headhunting networks in the world, for the purpose of engaging Afghan women in career-focused training that will enable them to advance their careers. SearchPath utilizes its unique career management and job search tool called MyHuntPath to teach women a headhunter’s approach to finding their own jobs. MyHuntPath is a computer-based personalized training tool aimed at the identification and enhancement of market-oriented skills and interests. SearchPath operates in Afghanistan via ten women-owned franchise offices in Kabul, Jalalabad, Mazar-i-Sharif, and Herat. The franchise network matches skilled workers with employers, serving both job seekers and businesses.