Promote: Women in the Economy

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Promote: Women in the Economy (WIE) is a USAID-funded program that will partner with Afghan women to help them find a new job or a better job, and with women-owned businesses or businesses that employ women as 10% or more of staff, to increase their revenues. Through a series of programs under the theme of Forward Together, WIE will work with job seekers, businesses, and many other stakeholders throughout Afghanistan that share the same goals to help them make investments in their own success.

Women and Girls

If you are a woman between 18-30 years old and you have a basic education, you can benefit from career services, get hands-on work experience through an internship or apprenticeship, and get help in finding a job. You can also apply for a scholarship to get financial assistance to learn job specific skills that will help qualify you for a new job. .


Women in the Economy will work with businesses owned by women or that employ women as 10% or more of staff, to increase their revenues. Activities will focus on professionalizing management developing entrepreneurship and improving access to finance. Where appropriate, specialist technical expertise may be provided to businesses or industries with high growth potential.


WIE will work through education and training providers and with business service providers to provide career and employment services to female job seekers and to support business growth.